About us

Inspired by British art, culture, design and feminine fashion and the resulting love for these disciplines, Tian Yao, a trilingual entrepreneur trained in China and the UK, founded the brand Victoria Hyde London.

Tian started her first international business at the age of 24.
She succeeded through an inspiring composition of the activities from the
Master's degree and the lifelong role as a recreational dancer to combine rational-analytical thinking with creativity. The fusion of these learned traits resulted in a remarkable instinct for fashion. At the same time, the exchange with people from business and culture gave her an appreciation for the countless ideas that can come from a global team.

Victoria Hyde London is 70% women and 30% men and has employees in three countries. The company is based on the needs of modern women and always focuses on feminine elegance. To achieve this, Victoria Hyde works with leading designers from the watch, jewelry and accessories industries. Victoria Hyde wants to break the previous idea that watch fashion is exclusively a male domain. The needs in watch fashion have not yet sufficiently met those of women. Tian Yao has recognized this. It is time for a new era. An era full of feminine aesthetics, inspired and by the creator herself.

Tian Yao believes that culture and art belong to the world, and she wants to share this belief with Victoria Hyde's customers. She describes the British capital as a source of inspiration, which is reflected in the sensual and playful Victoria Hyde London collections. Inspired by the pulsating metropolis, the products represent romantic, feminine and style-conscious designs as well as a distinctive quality standard.

At Victoria Hyde you will experience a world full of sensuality and femininity, paired with culture, fashion and an appreciation for the beautiful things in life.