Forest Fairytale Animal

Take a break from the stresses of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature with the Victoria Hyde London Forest Fairytale Animal Gray or Pink watch. The leather watch strap comes in a subtle gray or pink, while the case shines in beautiful rose gold. Matching this, both the hands and the indices are also made of rose gold. Due to the loving design, many small, unique details can be seen on the dial. In addition, the Forest Fairytale watches have double glass above the dial, so that small crystals can be found in the space between these two panes of glass. There are 80 sparkling crystals in each watch, which spread out over the dial when the watch is tilted and form a unique pattern. Due to the filigree case and watch strap, this wristwatch is also ideal for children.
Victoria Hyde, VH3006U, Southfields Modern, schwarzes Armband, goldfarbenes Gehäuse, Vorderansicht